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Download this file if you want to APPLY for ENROLLMENT for School Year 2020-2021





    ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021



1. Tell me more about ICA.

International Christian Academy offers quality Christian education in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The purpose of this school is to lead students to Christ, give Christian training along with a solid academic foundation in the basic fundamentals of learning for the average and above-average child. Academic and spiritual standards are high with added emphasis on character training. Each student has close, personal contact with well-qualified teachers who are prepared to give a thorough scholastic background. Our classrooms are bright and cheerful, and air-conditioned.


Further, students are immersed in an English-speaking environment, making it possible for them to learn to speak English with confidence and without hesitation.

2. How does a student enroll?

  • August 31 is the cut-off date for a child to be admitted to Kindergarten.



  • • Students entering grades 1-10 must be working academically on grade level as demonstrated by screening based on standardized tests.

    • The student must have an acceptable behavioral history with his/her former school. A General Average of at least 80.000% is required; and a Conduct grade not lower than B or its equivalent.



  • 1. Fill out APPLICATION FORM. A complete application must be submitted for all students who desire to attend ICA. APPLICATION FEE – A non-refundable application fee of Php500 is to be submitted with the application form.

    2. After the required Application forms are received, an ENTRANCE EXAM will be scheduled. Testing is scheduled MWF, from 8-3 pm. Students entering grades 1-10 will be tested in the areas of Math, English, and Science. A kindergarten screening will be administered to those applying for K5. NO test or screening will be administered for Nursery and K4 applicants.

    3. After the student has met the requirements for the exams and all documents have been received, an INTERVIEW will be scheduled with the family and the principal, usually on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Both parents, single parent, or guardian and the student(s) should attend the interview. This interview is an opportunity for philosophical compatibility discussions and a question and answer session. If testing is complete and results are available, scores are reviewed during the interview. Students entering 5th through 10th Grade are asked to accompany their parents for the interview. Following acceptance, the parent will be asked to fill out Registration Form, Statement of Cooperation and Waiver of Liability, School Service, Fine Arts fee, etc., then pay the Registration and Other Fees.


    4. Upon approval, parents are informed of the student's acceptance. Conditions or probationary status may be required for acceptance.



    1. SCHOOL RECORDS – Copies of previous school(s) records (original Form 138), including all educational and diagnostic testing; transcripts (Form 137 – request Record Transfer Request from us). Not applicable to Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten students.

    2. BIRTH CERTIFICATE – A copy of the student’s birth certificate is requested from all students.

    3. IMMUNIZATION RECORD – A copy of the applicant's immunization record is required. Immunization records must include month, day and year of each shot, and the health care provider's signature or stamp.

    4. Two copies of 2x2 PHOTO OF THE CHILD AND FAMILY PHOTO (a "4x6" snapshot or a photo from your phone is acceptable).

    5. TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS – Submit a Teacher Recommendation Form (this form can be obtained from us). Grades 2-10 must submit one, which must be completed by a teacher from the previous year before being considered as applicant and before getting admitted to take the exams.

3. What is the Cost?

The tuition for each child is figured on a 10-period pay plan. The first payment is due by June 1st. The tuition payment is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Subsequent tuition payments are due the first of each month. The last payment is due by March 10th. Tuition rates per pay period for the 2020-2021 School Year are as follows:


Preschool – Grade 6       : Php 1,700/month

Junior High (7-10)         :  Php 1,900/month


There is a one-time registration fee of Php 3,000. Miscellaneous & Books are paid exclusively. Be sure to ask about our multiple-student discounts.

4. Is school service offered?

ICA operates 2 school services offering transportation for students in Pandi, Balagtas and Guiguinto outlying areas. Payment for both tuition and school service for the 1st month must be made by June 10 for your child to be eligible for transportation at the beginning of the school year. Students who want to add school service in succeeding months may do so only as space and time allow. For fees of our school service in your area, you may inquire at our School Office. 

5. What other opportunities are available?

Each year our school is involved in theatrical productions, which highlight our students’ talents in music and drama. Beginning this June, interested students may sign up for Fine Arts productions at the time of enrollment. The fee is

Php 1,500 per month. This covers only the instruction. Materials or instrument (if there’s any) are not covered by these fees.

6. Do you have tutorial services?

In addition to strong academics, ICA provides tutoring services based on the needs of the students.


One-on-one tutorial       - Php 2,000/month

Group (same grade level)- Php 1,500/month

Special (during exam days only) Php 150/hour

7. What if my child needs summer school?

ICA offers four weeks of summer school with concentration in reading, writing, and math for grades N-6; and English and Math for grades 7-10. The programs are designed to give added help in weak areas. Summer 2020 classes are from April 14 through May 15 (M-F). See the schedule below:


            Nursery (3 & 4 y/o): 10:30 – 12:30p.m.

            Kindergarten 5: 8-10 a.m.

            Grades 1-10: 1-3p.m.

            Speech & drama class: 9-11 am.

Summer enrollment fees are as follows:


* Three- to five- year-olds         - Php 2,000.00

            (subjects taught in these classes are phonics, reading, writing, numbers, language, arts & crafts)


* First through 10th grade          - Php 2,000.00/ subject/ hour


* Speech & drama classes          - Php 5,000.00 (1 month)

            (2 hours per day)




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    • English-speaking school

    • US-trained administrator

    • Certified teachers

    • Excellent academic program (Abeka Book curriculum)

    • Meaningful activities (family olympics, science fairs, field trips, retreats, etc.)

    • Exciting PE classes (held outside campus)

    • Low tuition cost/ discounts available to qualified students/ ESC available to Junior High students

    • Free Help Class program for slow students

    • Theatrical plays and dramatic productions

    • Air-conditioned classrooms/ conducive facility; small classroom sizes

    • High standards of conduct (well-disciplined classrooms)

    • Junior High students exposed to community services

    • Parental involvement encouraged

    • Member- Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI); and Center for Educational Measurement (CEM)

    • School service available

    • Connect with us:


    •             (044) 308-2098/ (044) 769-0582




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